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The Toolbox contains a selection of models, decals, meshes, and audio made by Roblox or Roblox community members. The Toolbox also includes all of the models, decals, meshes, and audio you’ve published so that you can easily use them in multiple games.


The Toolbox is sorted in to several different categories:

Category Description
Models Models published by the community.
Decals Decals published by the community.
Meshes Meshes published by the community.
Audio Audio published by the community.
Recent Models Models you have used recently.
Recent Decals Decals you have used recently.
Recent Meshes Meshes you have used recently.
Recent Audio Audio you have used recently.
My Models Models you have published or taken from the website's library.
My Decals Decals you have published or taken from the website's library.
My Meshes Meshes you have published or taken from the website's library.
My Audio Audio you have published or taken from the website's library.
My Packages Articles/roblox packages|Packages you have published.

High-Quality Items

Several items in the Toolbox are marked as “high-quality” and display a shield icon. These items have been vetted to ensure quality and will work with most games.

Many high-quality items are configurable. A high-quality item that has custom behavior will often include various Configurations settings. All of these settings will be a “value” type instance such as a BoolValue, IntValue, etc.

Creating and Sharing

To publish and share a model, mesh, audio file, or decal for re-use within your account, within a group you belong to, or with the public:

  1. In the Explorer window, right-click the object you wish to publish.
  2. Select Save to Roblox….
  3. In the dialog window, select if the item should be available only to you (My Models) or to members of a group you belong to (Group Models).
  1. Click the Create New tile to create a new item, or click an existing item to overwrite it.
  2. If you’re publishing a new item, fill in the name, description, and other details when prompted. Most importantly, note the Allow Copying checkbox which controls whether your item will be freely available for any Roblox developer to copy and use (see Articles/Protecting Your Creations for details).
About Roblox Models

In Roblox development, the term “model” can refer to any game element, not just to parts, groups of parts, or a Model object. Because Roblox does not restrict what game elements can be published and shared, this mechanism is a useful way to create and share scripts, remote events, constraints, and other non-visible game elements.

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