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Roblox Platform High-Level Roadmap

Roblox Platform High-Level Roadmap

Welcome to the high-level roadmap for the Roblox platform. Here you can get insight into our plans for the next few months and get an idea of when you can expect new features on the Roblox platform. This is a living document and we will be updating it approximately quarterly.

Please keep in mind that our goal is to provide you with the best updates possible. Sometimes, bugs or technical complications may cause us to move the release dates to ensure that we’re shipping good features.

2018 Roadmap

Targeted for 2nd Quarter 2018 (April-June) Status

Dark Theme for Studio

Allow for developers to choose between dark and light themes while working with Studio. Plugins have access to this information.
Targeted for 3rd Quarter 2018 (July-September) Status

Social Media Links

Developers can specify up to 3 different social community links on the game page including Discord, Twitter etc. for 13+ users.

Realtime CSG

CSG operations can be performed in real time.

Notifications to Players

Developers can send update notifications for their games in the notification stream to players who followed to their game.

Animation Editor IK Support

Physics inverse kinematics dragger support in Animation Editor.

Automatic Image Transcoding

Images in-game are automatically compressed based on device performance.

100 Player Games

Game servers can support up to 100 players in a performant manner.
Targeted for 4th Quarter 2018 (October-December) Status

Avatar Morpher

More customization and control over how avatars are represented for developers such as scale, height, width, and other template options.


Scripts and other assets can be packaged and shared between multiple places/games.

New Lighting System

Future is bright for everyone!
On Track

Level-of-Detail for Meshes

Automatic level-of-detail adjustment for meshes based on performance.
On Track

Universe Script & Game Services

New type of scripts that can run at a universe level to allow for matchmaking, leaderboards, etc.

2019 Roadmap

Targeted for 1st Quarter 2019 (January-March) Status

Cross-Server Messaging

Game servers can communicate with each other to allow for real-time leaderboards, global trading, cross-server chat, etc.
On Track