Installation and Setup

Installation and Setup

Roblox Battle Royale consists of easily accessible .rbxl files which you can open in Roblox Studio and experiment with immediately.

File Purpose
Lobby.rbxl Entrance lobby where players choose the game mode
Gameplay.rbxl Where the battle match takes place
Queue.rbxl Queue place where players gather before being teleported to battle map

Create a New Game

Roblox Battle Royale must be structured as a game with six unique articles/games and places|places. To begin:

  1. Open Lobby.rbxl in Roblox Studio.
  1. Select FilePublish to Roblox As… to open the publishing window.

  2. Near the bottom of the window, click Create new game….

  1. Type in Lobby for the place name.
  1. For the Creator field, select “Me” to publish the place to your personal account, or select a articles/Group Games|group.

  2. When ready, click the Create button.

Add Additional Places

Once the lobby place is published, you’ll need to add five additional places to the game:

  1. If it’s not already visible, open the Asset Manager window (ViewAsset Manager).
  1. Double-click the Places folder.
  1. Right-click in any empty region of the window (not over a place name/tile) and select Add New Place. Repeat this a total of five times so that you have six places.

  2. Right-click each of the new places, select Rename, and name them as follows:

Queue (Default)
Queue (Deathmatch)
Queue (Team Deathmatch)
Queue (Free Play)
  1. Publish the game again (FilePublish to Roblox).

Copy/Paste Place IDs

Each place must be cross-associated so that players can teleport from the lobby to various play mode queues and vice-versa. To achieve this, you’ll need to gather the place IDs of the places you created above.

  1. In the Asset Manager window, right-click Lobby and select Copy ID to Clipboard.
  1. If it’s not already visible, open the Explorer window (ViewExplorer).

  2. Open the MainConfiguration script within ReplicatedFirstConfigurations.

  1. Locate the _places table and paste the copied ID from step #1 as the value of the lobby key.
  1. Repeat the Copy ID to Clipboard process for the other five places and paste them into the associated _places table key value.
Place Table Key
Lobby lobby
Gameplay gameplay_development
Queue (Default) queue_default
Queue (Deathmatch) queue_deathmatch
Queue (Team Deathmatch) queue_teamDeathmatch
Queue (Free Play) queue_freePlay
  1. Publish the game again (FilePublish to Roblox).

Adjust Server Fill

By default, Roblox balances players/servers for an optimal social gameplay experience, but a battle royale should allow for bigger and more intense battles. To achieve this:

  1. Click on the Game Settings button from the Home tab.
  1. Select the Places tab.

  2. For each of the six places, click the button and select Edit.

  1. For Server Fill, select Maximum.
  1. Click Save at the bottom of the window.

Publish Additional Places

Now you’ll need to open the remaining .rbxl files from the downloaded bundle, modify their _places tables, and publish them.

Copy Places Table

  1. Refer to the _places table in the lobby’s MainConfiguration script:
  1. Select the entire table and copy it to the clipboard with Ctrl+C (Command ⌘+C on Mac).

  2. Close the lobby place by clicking the in its tab.

Replace Tables

  1. Open the Gameplay.rbxl file.

  2. Open its MainConfiguration script within ReplicatedFirstConfigurations.

  1. Paste the _places table you copied above over the existing _places table (Ctrl+V or Command ⌘+V) so that each place’s tables are identical.
  1. Select FilePublish to Roblox As… to open the publishing window.

  2. Near the bottom of the window, click Update existing game….

  1. Locate and click the Lobby place that you published earlier.

  2. On the next screen, you should see a list of the places you added earlier. From the list, select the Gameplay place and click the Overwrite button.

  1. Once the place is published, close it by clicking the in its tab.
  1. Open the Queue.rbxl file and repeat this process, using FilePublish to Roblox As… to publish it to all four queue places. Essentially, Queue.rbxl should be published to the Queue (Default), Queue (Deathmatch), Queue (Team Deathmatch), and Queue (Free Play) slots.
File Publish Slot
Lobby.rbxl Lobby
Gameplay.rbxl Gameplay
Queue.rbxl Queue (Default)
Queue.rbxl Queue (Deathmatch)
Queue.rbxl Queue (Team Deathmatch)
Queue.rbxl Queue (Free Play)

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