View Tab

View Tab

The View tab lets you toggle the various windows of Studio, as well as several display features.


This section lets you toggle specific windows within Studio.

Icon Action Description
Explorer Shows a window containing a hierarchical tree of the instances and services in the place.
Properties Shows a window containing all properties of selected object(s).
Asset Manager Toggles the Asset Manager window for managing the game's places, images, meshes, and more.
Toolbox Toggles the Toolbox window open and closed.
Object Browser Shows information on every object, class, and enum in Roblox.
Output Shows any errors, warnings, or print outputs from running scripts.
Script Analysis Shows script errors and warnings without having to start running the game.
Command Bar Used to execute Lua code outside of scripts.
Breakpoints View existing breakpoints in a script while using the /articles/Debugging#debugger|Debugger.
Call Stack View the call stack while using the /articles/Debugging#debugger|Debugger.
Watch Used to monitor variable values as you step through breakpoints while using the /articles/Debugging#debugger|Debugger.
Performance View diagnostic information of your game.
Task Scheduler Shows feedback on looping services in your game while it's running.
Script Performance Shows CPU usage of scripts.
Find Results Displays the results from searching with Ctrl+Shift+F.
Team Create Lets you Articles/Team Create|collaborate and edit the place with other Roblox users.
Script Recovery Toggles a window containing recovered scripts.
Terrain Editor Opens a window with tools for Articles/Intro To Terrain|creating and shaping terrain.
Chat Opens a chat window for collaboration during a articles/Team Create|Team Create session.


This section contains recording tools and Studio display options.

Icon Action Description
View Selector Toggles display of a dynamic axis/face widget in the game editor window.
Full Screen Toggles Studio between full screen and windowed modes.
Screen Shot Takes a screenshot of the current view.
Video Record Starts recording of a video of Studio. When recording, the game editor window will be outlined with a red border. This is only supported on Windows.


This section includes tools for view adjustment within your place.

Icon Action Description
Show Grid Toggles a 3D grid on the Y plane. If showing, the radio buttons directly to the left set the grid lines to be 2, 4, or 16 studs apart.
Grid Material Displays grid material on parts.
Wireframe Rendering Changes the editor view to wireframe rendering mode.
Switch Windows Lets you alternate between multiple windows and tabs currently open in Studio.


This section contains buttons which toggle on-screen diagnostic information.

Icon Action Description
Stats Shows detailed game stats.
Render Shows detailed graphics and performance data.
Physics Shows detailed physics data.
Network Shows detailed network stats.
Summary Shows a summary of stats data.
Clear Removes all stats from the screen.