Test Tab

Test Tab

The Test tab contains tools for gameplay testing.


This section allows you to start and stop the simulation of your game.

Icon Action Description
Play Starts simulating the game and inserts your character. The dropdown lets you select either Play Here which simulates the game from the point you're currently viewing in the game editor window, or Run which will start simulating the game without inserting your character.
Client/Server Toggles between client mode and server mode when testing in a "play solo" mode (Play or Play Here). See Articles/game testing|Game Testing for details.
Pause Pauses the simulation of the game running but does not reset the state. Pressing Play, Play Here, or Run will resume the simulation.
Stop Stops simulation of the game and resets all BasePart|Parts and Instance|Instances to how they were before Play, Play Here, or Run was pressed.

Clients and Servers

This section lets you run a more realistic simulation of the game by creating a virtual server and virtual clients to connect to it.

Icon Action Description
Start Starts up new sessions of Studio for the server and clients. If the Local Server option is selected, a server session will be created. If None is selected, the Start button will only create players and add them to the currently running simulation. Note that up to 8 players can be selected by choosing the desired option from the second dropdown.
Cleanup Closes all simulating client and server sessions of Studio.


This section contains emulation options for testing in Studio.

Icon Action Description
Device Toggles the Device Emulator, letting you see how your game will look on various devices like phones and tablets. Once in emulation mode, you can select from a variety of common devices and screen resolutions.
Player Toggles the Player Emulator which lets you emulate various localization and game content policies. See articles/game testing#player-emulator|here for details.


This section contains audio-related options for testing in Studio.

Icon Action Description
Mute Toggles whether in-game sounds play in Studio.