Home Tab

Home Tab

The Home tab contains basic functions necessary for building and testing your game.


These options let you copy, cut, paste, and duplicate instances inside Studio.

Icon Action Description
Paste Creates a copy of the copied/cut instance(s) in the clipboard and pastes them in the selected object.
Copy Copies the selected instance(s) to the clipboard.
Cut Copies the selected instance(s) to the clipboard and deletes the original.
Duplicate Immediately copies the selected instance(s) and parents the copy at the same level as the original.


This section contains tools to manipulate the position, size, and orientation of objects. It also lets you toggle various options for how objects interact with each other.

Icon Action Description
Select Lets you select an object in the workspace.
Move Displays three handles which can be dragged to move the current selection along the corresponding X, Y, or Z axis.
Scale Displays three handles which can be dragged to resize the current selection along the corresponding X, Y, or Z axis. Note that Model|Models can only be scaled uniformly.
Rotate Displays three handles which can be dragged to spin the current selection about the corresponding X, Y, or Z axis.
Collisions Toggles the collisions state. If collisions are off, objects can be moved, scaled, or rotated so that they overlap each other; If collisions are on, objects cannot be manipulated so that they overlap other objects.
Constraints Toggles whether to "solve" Constraint|Constraints while dragging. Constraints attach two physical objects together and/or let you create special behaviors for the objects.
Join This relates to the legacy surface/joint system which has been superseded by the more powerful Constraint|Constraint system.


The Editor button for Terrain opens a window with tools for creating and shaping static terrain in your game. For more info, see Articles/Intro To Terrain|Environments and Terrain Tools.


This section contains tools to open the toolbox and insert basic objects.

Icon Action Description
Toolbox Toggles the Toolbox window open and closed.
Part Inserts a Part into the workspace. The dropdown lets you select either a Block, Sphere, Wedge, or Cylinder to insert.
UI Opens the UI tab which lets you create basic user interface objects.


This section lets you change the color, material, and other behavior of objects in the workspace.

Icon Action Description
Material Changes the BasePart/Material|Material of the selected part(s).
Color Changes the BasePart/BrickColor|Color of the selected part(s).
Group Groups all of the selected objects into a new Model. The dropdown lets you select the Ungroup tool which removes the model group and allows all of the objects that were within it to be selected individually.
Lock Locks an object so that it cannot be manipulated by Studio tools. The dropdown lets you switch to the Unlock All tool which unlocks objects so they can be manipulated again.
Anchor Toggles whether object(s) are anchored or not. Anchored objects will be locked in place and will not move due to physics while the game is running.


These tools let you simulate your game for testing.

Icon Action Description
Play Starts simulating the game and inserts your character. The dropdown lets you select either Play Here which simulates the game from the point you're currently viewing in the game editor window, or Run which will start simulating the game without inserting your character.
Client/Server Toggles between client mode and server mode when testing in a "play solo" mode (Play or Play Here). See Articles/game testing|Game Testing for details.
Stop Stops simulation of the game and resets all objects and instances to how they were before Play, Play Here, or Run was pressed.


This section contains the following option:

Icon Action Description
Game Settings Updates articles/game settings|Game Settings related to the current game, including options for accessibility, promotion, player avatars, and more.

Team Test

These tools let you test a game that’s being designed with the Articles/Team Create|Team Create feature.

Icon Action Description
Team Test When creating a place with friends (your team), this button lets you start playing the game.
Exit Game Exits out of the team test in progress and returns you to the editing state of the team creation.