Game Explorer

Game Explorer

The Game Explorer window lets you manage Articles/Badges Special Game Awards|badges, articles/Developer Products In Game Purchases|developer products, images, articles/Mesh Parts|meshes, articles/roblox packages|packages, and articles/Place|places in your game. It also provides a mechanism to bulk import large groups of game assets.

Game Name/ID

The top bar of the panel shows information about your game.

  • The first item is a text field with the game’s name. This field is editable.
  • The second item is the game’s ID, unique to each Roblox game. This cannot be changed.


Badges are like achievement notes — they tell other players that you have done something worthy of notice! See the Articles/Badges Special Game Awards|Badges tutorial for details on how to create and award badges in your game.

Developer Products

Articles/Developer Products In Game Purchases|Developer Products are in-game products which players can purchase more than once. Because of this, they’re perfect for in-game currency, food, ammo, or other things which players may consume and buy more of.

Right-clicking on Developer Products in the Game Explorer window opens a web window in Studio and navigates to the configuration page on Roblox. On this page you can add new products or edit existing ones.


This section is for managing images in your game. Right-clicking on Images lets you upload one or more images to your game. Once an image has been added to this list, it can be quickly used inside any of the game’s places.


This section is for managing articles/Mesh Parts|meshes in your game. Right-clicking on Meshes lets you upload one or more meshes to your game. Once a mesh has been added to this list, it can be quickly used inside any of the game’s places.


Articles/roblox packages|Packages allow you to create an asset once and re-use it in as many games as you’d like. Any packages that are used within any place in the game appear in this folder.


This section shows all of the places that are in your game. You can think about places as “levels” or stages of your game. While a game can be made up of many places, each will have just one starting place (the first place that players will join when they launch your game). The starting place in your game is indicated by the icon.

If you right-click on Places in the Game Explorer, two options will appear:

  • Add New Place — Adds a new place to your game. This place will be empty except for the standard baseplate.
  • Game Settings — Opens a a web window in Studio which includes a section to manage places. See Articles/Place|Configuring a Place for more details.

Bulk Asset Import

At the bottom of the Game Explorer window is the Import button. This allows you to import an entire batch of images and meshes.

  1. Click the Import button.
  2. Select all of the files you want to import from your local machine. It may be helpful to put all of the files into a dedicated folder before importing.
  3. Confirm the selections and Studio will proceed with the upload process. As it does, you can monitor the status in the Game Explorer window.
  1. Close the status view and the imported items should exist in the proper folders.