Align Tool

Align Tool

The Studio Align Tool lets you align objects or groups of objects along the X, Y, or Z axes. Primary benefits include:

  • Align the center or edge of multiple objects in one action.
  • Align entire Model|Models or parts within them relative to other parts, all while keeping the model intact.

Accessing the Tool

The Align Tool is located in the Plugins tab.

Tool Options

Once you’ve selected at least two objects, the following options are available for performing an alignment.

Alignment Mode

The alignment mode can be set to either Min, Center, or Max.


Align In

The World or Local option specifies which relative coordinates to align on, especially important for aligning parts which don’t share the same orientation/rotation.

The X, Y, and Z checkboxes let you select which axes to align on. Note that multiple axes can be selected in a single alignment operation.

Max + World Z
Max + Local Z
Max + World Z

Relative To

An alignment operation can be relative to either the Selection Bounds or the Active Object.

For Selection Bounds, alignment will occur relative to the bounding box around the selected objects.

Min + World X
Center + World Z
Max + World X

When Active Object is chosen, alignment will be relative to the last selected object. This object is outlined in orange and it will not move during the operation.

Min + World X
Center + World Z
Max + World Y
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