Completing the Challenge

5 min

Completing the Challenge

Congratulations, you just finished the latest Roblox Creator Challenge! Now that you’ve completed the game, here are a few ideas to take your game further and keep learning.

Share Your Game

So far, all of your work has been saved to the cloud where only you can see it. On Roblox, everyone can share their work with their friends and the world!

Add to Your Story

Although you completed the challenge, there’s always more that you can add into the story. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add more characters – Think of one or two more characters in your story. Remember to create a new variable for each character, like name2 or name3.
  • Add more lines to the story – Write down a new sentence for your story and pick an object you can replace.

Keep Learning

Want to learn more about building your own games, like designing an obstacle course or coding a speed-boosting powerup? Check out these lessons on the Developer Hub, an entire site where you can find tutorials on creating Roblox games.

Coding Lessons

Learn more about coding in these step-by-step lessons.

Building Lessons

Build and customize an obstacle course.