Private Servers for Classroom Use

Private Servers for Classroom Use

Creating Private Servers

In addition to building and creating, playing is a proven way to learn and improve social skills. Many games on Roblox offer private servers, or VIP servers, available for a small fee.

To see if a game offers a VIP server, look for the VIP Servers section beneath the game’s description like in the image below.

No Fee When Testing or Building

VIP servers are only needed when playing games on the Roblox platform. They’re not needed when testing games you or your students created or when playtesting in Team Create.

How much the server costs, and how many players are allowed to play at the same time is up to the developer of the game. To learn, go to the VIP Servers page on Roblox Support.

Alternatives to VIP Servers

Not all teachers use VIP servers. Instead, some have students turn off chat during class. Alternatively, others take the opportunity to reinforce digital civility skills by having conversations with students before, during, and after online play sessions.

If you do have students interact online, keep in mind that they will come across “imperfect” conduct online. Being proactive by teaching students how to react to bullies and angry words is a valuable skill. Before starting online play, teach students to use our reporting tools should they encounter inappropriate behavior.

Adding Private Servers to Your Own Game

If you or your students have created a game, you can enable private servers to make it easier for yourself and other educators to use in class. To turn on private servers go to the VIP Servers page on the Roblox Developer Hub.

Managing in a Classroom

Tips for Using Servers

  • Use the Server Name feature to name different classrooms for better organization *E.g. JordanHS-Afternoon, HillsdaleMS-2pm.*
  • Use the link to share out the server in your classroom chat.

Examples in the Classroom

  • Create a private server for students to explore life as a bird in Bird Simulator.
  • If students have created a game, allow them to create a private server so only members of the class can play.

Popular Games Offering Private Servers
Here’s just a few of the millions of games that can be found on Roblox.