Learn and Explore

Roblox wants to empower our community to not only be players, but creators. This guide supports aspiring creators, helping them build their first game in addition to developing more advanced skills.

With Roblox you can:

  • Learn new skills in coding, building, and game design.
  • Connect with friends and family through games.
  • Visit new worlds and travel around the world.

Build Your Own Games

Get started on one of three unique paths with these quick tutorials which can be completed in under an hour.

World Building
Build an Obby

Design your own world and create levels that'll challenge your friends.

Word Games

Try out coding while writing a story you'll turn into a word game.

Galactic Speedway

Build and race a spaceship on an alien world while learning 3D modeling.

Keep Learning

If you’re ready to take your skills further, start coding and designing your own games from scratch. Begin with the Code Fundamentals course. Then, move on to designing your own adventure game!

Code Fundamentals

Learn to code while making traps, powerups, and more.

Beginner Game Development

Design and code a game where players explore and collect items.

Advanced Design and Coding

Build on your coding skills to create a multiplayer combat game.

Build and Design

Make your game worlds more impressive with any of the following tutorials. Whatever you see or imagine, you can build in Roblox.

Designing Buildings

Get introduced to 3D modeling in Roblox by making a Greek temple.

Creating Environments

Sculpt realistic landscapes like mountains, rivers, and canyons.

Design Lighting

Change the mood of your world with lighting effects.

Discover and Learn with Games

Games can transport you to another time and place as well as teach you new skills. In these games, you can learn about physics by shooting rockets, roleplay with animals as a veterinarian, or even explore historical sites. Maybe you can find some inspiration for your next game!

Play Together and Collaborate

With the spread of COVID-19 requiring us to stay isolated, Roblox’s mission of bringing the world together through play is more important than ever. That's why we've worked closely with our developer community to bring games in the Play Together sort. Each game here offers VIP servers at the price of 10 Robux so that you, your friends, and your loved ones can have a private virtual space to play and stay in touch with one another.

If you’re developing on Roblox Studio with friends, these resources can help you stay connected.

Other Learning Resources

These resources can help you continue your learning with new skills and projects. Additionally, find a list of all our educators.

  • AlvinBlox on Youtube Free - Video tutorials covering a variety of projects and topics in Roblox Studio.
  • Codakid Paid - Online video tutorials and tutoring
  • iD Tech Virtual Camps Paid - Learn with instructors online with high-quality courses.
  • Udemy Free/Paid - See different Roblox courses for topics like building or scripting.