Prerequisites Students should be familair with Roblox Studio Basics like camera controls, and the interface.
Lesson Time 10 - 15 minutes
Optional Handouts N/A
Learning Objectives
  • Use Terrain Tools like Add, Subtract, and Paint to sculpt a natural environment
  • The Terrain Editor is used to create realistic landscapes like mountains, rivers, and canyons. To practice your skills in sculpting terrain, you’ll create a version of Old Faithful, a famous geyser that’s part of Yellowstone National Park in the United States.


    Creating a New Project

    1. In Roblox Studio, click the New button in the upper-left.

    2. Select the Flat Terrain template.


    Using the Terrain Editor

    Using the Terrain Editor, you can generate random terrain, add rocks and other material, and create landscapes.

    1. In the Home tab, click the Terrain Editor.


    2. Under the Terrain Editor, click the Generate button.


    3. Under Map Settings, click the button next to Small. Creating larger maps may take a great deal of time.


    4. Click Generate.

    5. Wait until the progress bar has finished.


    Once done, your terrain might look like this:

    Sculpting Terrain

    With a basic map, you can now add rocks and salt to the environment using the Paint Tool.

    1. Under the Terrain Editor, click the Paint button. This tool lets you change the appearance of terrain with different materials, like grass, rocks, or even water.


    2. With the Paint tool selected, find Material Settings and pick the rock material.


    3. Change the brush size to be large. Then, left-click and drag the tool across the center of the terrain to create a rock formation.

    1. Change the Paint Material to salt and add it near the center.


    Adding Water

    With the rocks and salt, you’ll now add water to the geyser center.


    1. Under the Terrain Editor, click the Subtract button. This tool slowly removes terrain and is useful for creating caves, rivers, and lakes.


    2. Because all terrain is created on a grid, it’s important to get the right angle with your camera view. To make it easier to subtract, angle your camera so it points down at the geyser like below.


    3. Click and drag the tool over the center of the salt to create a hole in the center where you’ll add water.


    4. Under the Terrain Editor, click the Paint button.


    Painting with Water

    Instead of adding water, it’s best to paint with water. This makes sure that your water looks over terrain you’ve created.

    1. Paint the terrain in the middle to create water.


    Testing the World

    1. In the Home tab, click Play to explore your environment.


    Use this tutorial on creating particles to add a geyser that shoots water into the air. Try and build something like below:

    Learn More about Terrain Tools

    While this tutorial covered a few parts of the Terrain Editor, there are many more tools like Erode or Using Regions that can help you create environments. Check out Intro to Terrain to learn more about each tool.

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