Many landmarks have trees, bushes, and flowers surrounding the area. To create a tree outside the Parthenon, you’ll learn how to make and duplicate different parts. The specific tree in this lesson is inspired by the Laurel tree found near the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. When you build your own prop for your landmark, you should find a reference picture like the one below.

Making the Trunk

You’ll first make the trunk before making the branches and leaves of the tree.

Create and Color a Part

  1. In the Home tab, add a Cylinder part.



  2. In the Workspace, rename the Cylinder part Trunk.


  3. To add color to the trunk, find the Home tab, click the arrow under Material and select wood.


  4. Still in the Home tab, click the arrow under Color and pick any brown.


Rotate the Trunk

So the trunk looks upright and not lopsided when you rotate it, you’ll turn on Snapping, a tool that snaps, or sets objects to specific numbers when they’re rotated or moved.

  1. In the Model tab, inside the Snap to Grid section, make sure there is a checkmark in the box left of Rotate. Check that Rotate degrees are set to 90.


  2. In the Model tab, rotate and scale the Trunk so it’s upright.


Adding Branches

With a trunk created, the tree needs branches for the leaves to grow.

Make the First Branch

You’ll make one branch and then duplicate it to create more so that a few branches surround the trunk.

  1. Right-click Trunk and select Duplicate.


  2. In the Explorer, rename the new part Branch.

  3. In the Model tab, scale the part to make a small branch.


Now that you have a branch, you'll need to rotate it in place. To help you rotate, you'll turn off Snapping, letting you rotate more smoothly.

  1. In the Model tab, uncheck the box next to Rotate. This turns off snapping.


  2. Using the Rotate and Move tools, rotate the branch and move the branch so it touches the trunk.


Duplicate to Make More Branches

One branch can be duplicated to quickly make more and make the tree feel more realistic.

  1. In the Explorer, right-click the branch and select Duplicate.


  2. Rotate and move the branch to another part of the tree.


  3. Duplicate and move branches until you have four to five more branches of different sizes.


Change Your View As You Build

As you add and rotate branches, move your camera around and make sure the tree looks good from all sides.

Adding Leaves

Next, you’ll add balls of leaves to the branches.

  1. In the Home tab, add a Sphere part named Leaves.

  2. Change the Material to grass and the Color to green.


  3. Duplicate Leaves to add three to five more so that it looks like a ball of leaves.


As you add more parts to the tree, you'll add more to the Explorer. To reduce the amount of things in the Explorer and keep it tidy, you'll turn this clump of leaves into a Union.

  1. While holding CTRL, select all your leaves.


  2. In the Model tab, select Union. Under Workspace, rename the union Bush.


Instead of having five Leaves, you only have one Bush.

  1. Move the ball of leaves to a branch so that it looks like it is growing from the tree.


  2. Duplicate, scale, and move until you have three to five more bushes around the tree.


With one tree created, you can always duplicate it to create more in your environment.
Building Other Types of Models

Use the same technique to create bushes, flowers, and plants.