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Turning Off Collisions and Snapping

Before we start moving objects, let’s turn off collisions and snapping. Turning these off will make moving objects around easier.

Turn Off Collisions

Collisions are when objects can run into each other and keep each other from moving.

Collisions on – Objects block each other
Collisions off – Objects go through each other
  • In the Home or Model tab, click Collisions to turn it off.

You can tell collisions are off when there’s not a grey box around the button in Studio.

Collisions on
Collisions off

Turn Off Snap to Grid

Snap to Grid allows objects to only move or rotate a certain amount at a time. With snapping off, it’s easier to freely rotate and move objects.

Rotate snapping on at 90 degrees
Rotate snapping off
  • In the Model tab, un-check both boxes to turn Snap to Grid off.