Playtesting Your Work

Playtesting Your Work

Game developers constantly go back and forth between making changes and testing their games. If you playtest every time you change something, you won’t be surprised later if it doesn’t look the way you imagined.

Play Your Game

  1. Click Play ().
  2. Test to see if new players can easily make the jump.
  3. Don't forget to Stop the playtest ().
  4. Move, rotate, or scale the plank if needed. Keep going back and forth between making changes and playtesting until you are happy with the plank.
Objects falling when they shouldn't be?

Select the object and, in the top bar of Studio, make sure anchoring is turned on (a grey box should be around Anchor).

Can't move an object through another object?

Turn off Collisions.

Can't place an object exactly where you want?

In the Model tab, turn off snapping by un-checking the boxes next to Rotate and Move.

Having trouble seeing the plank?

Use F to focus, W A S D keys to move, and right-mouse to turn the camera.

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