Playtesting the Starter Project

Playtesting the Starter Project

Playtesting the Starter Project

Let’s playtest the world to give you a better idea of what players need to do to get Blue to safety. Playtesting is going through a game to make sure it works and is fun for players.

The game begins at the top of a volcano where Blue has escaped her cage. Playtest now to see for yourself.

  • Press the Play button.

Player Controls

Next, see if you can find where Blue is stranded. If you've played Roblox, the controls are like most games. If you haven't, click the box below to see how to move your character.

  • Run to the edge and find where Blue is stranded on the side of the volcano!
Control Action
W A S D  or the arrow keys Move your character around
Spacebar Jump
Right Mouse Button (hold and drag mouse) Look around

Stop the Playtest Before Making Changes

As you can see, players can’t get across the lava. Your first task is to make a platform so players can get across. However, you can’t make changes while the playtest is running.

  • Press the Stop button to stop the playtest.

Now that you’ve seen the game, go to the next page to take your first challenge!

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