Moving the Camera

Moving the Camera

For the next badge, you’ll need to learn how to control the camera in the game window and make a platform so players can get to Blue. The game window camera works a lot like the in-game camera.

Let’s move the camera to get a better view of where you will be creating platforms.

  1. Click inside the game window so you can move the camera.
  2. Use the camera controls below to move your camera, rotate the view, and zoom in and out.

    Control Action
    W A S D Move the camera
    E Raise camera up
    Q Lower camera down
    Shift Move camera slower
    Right Mouse Button (hold and drag mouse) Turn camera
    Mouse Scroll Wheel Zoom camera in or out
    F Focus on selected object
  3. Use the camera controls (W A S D and right-mouse to turn) to find the plank in the starting area.
  4. In the game window, select the plank and press F to focus the camera.

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