Making it Rain Harder

Making it Rain Harder

Next we’ll increase the challenge for players by changing the amount of damage the rocks can do and how often they fall!

  1. To make changes to the cloud, stop the playtest and select the FallingObjectScript script again.
  2. In the falling object's table, look for the DAMAGE variable. The current value is 1 which is a very small amount of damage. To make the game harder, change the value to 20.
  3. Notice that the NUMBER_PER_MINUTE value is 20. To make objects fall more often, change the value to 40:
  4. Playtest the game again.
  5. If these changes made the game too hard, stop playing and lower the numbers for DAMAGE and NUMBER_PER_MINUTE.

    Think Carefully About Values...
    • If you set DAMAGE to a super high number like 100, the game will end if the player is hit by just one falling object. That's frustrating and players might quit after a few tries.
    • If you change NUMBER_PER_MINUTE to a high number like 500, the cloud will make too many objects and players won't be able to avoid them. Too many objects can also slow down your game.

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