Make the Plank Larger

Make the Plank Larger

The plank is still too small for players to use to cross the lava. You’ll have to use the Scale tool to make it big enough for players to get to Blue.

Scale the Plank

To make the plank large enough for players to cross the lava, use the Scale tool.

  1. Stop the last playtest if you haven't already.
  2. Select the plank.
  3. Select the Scale tool.
  4. If needed, adjust your camera to get a better view of the area you're working in (press F to focus on the plank, W A S D to move your camera).

  5. Drag the blue handles to make the plank reach the other side.
Reminder – Turn Off Move Snapping

Make sure that snapping for Move is un-checked, unless you want the plank to move at specific distances.

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