Lesson 3 - Terrain and Fireballs

Lesson 3 - Terrain and Fireballs

Lesson 3 – Terrain and Fireballs

Great job game developer! You’ve reached the third and final challenge. In order to earn the last two badges, you’ll need to demonstrate that you’re a wizard who can control the game’s weather and landscape. First, you’ll learn how to create land from thin air. Then, just for fun, you’ll use code to rain fire and beach balls on top of players as they make their final dash to get Blue off the island.

The Terrain Editor

Players should now be able to lead Blue to the second checkpoint, and past the traps you’ve cleverly laid for them. However, to get to the third checkpoint, there’s just one problem — a big lava pit is blocking the way! Rather than using planks to fix this, we’re going to mix it up and use the terrain editor to make terrain platforms for players to cross the pit.

Opening the Terrain Editor

You can create terrain platforms using the terrain editor.

  • In the Home tab, click the Editor button.

The Terrain Editor window will open on the left. It has everything we need to create new platforms.

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