Keep the Plank in Place

Keep the Plank in Place

Your plank is now floating above the lava, and if you playtest, it’ll fall as soon as the game starts. To fix this, you need to anchor the plank. Anchoring keeps objects in place and stops them from falling. You should anchor all objects that the player can walk or jump on.

Anchor the Plank

You can tell if an object is anchored or not by selecting the object and looking at the Anchor tool at the top of the screen. If Anchor is highlighted grey, the object will stay in place. If it’s not grey, the object will fall.

Anchoring on
Anchoring off

To anchor the plank:

  1. Select the plank.
  2. In the top bar of Studio, click the Anchor button to turn it grey.
  3. Playtest the game () and see if the plank now stays in place!

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