Finding the Damage Variable

Finding the Damage Variable

Finding the Damage Variable

Now to find the numbers controlling the damage output and really make things painful!

  • Look at the top of your script and find local DAMAGE = 5.

That’s a number type variable. Variables are placeholders for information. Number type variables are good for working with, well, numbers, or in this case, subtracting health points.

Here, for local DAMAGE = 5, the variable is named DAMAGE and the number is how many health points the player will lose. It’s currently only set to the number 5.

To create a more painful trap part:

  1. Change local DAMAGE = 5 to local DAMAGE = 20.
  2. Use Play Here to check if the code works and the cube does more damage.
  3. Stop the playtest.
  4. Save your work (FilePublish to Roblox) if it's been a while.
Experiment with the Damage

If you think this still isn't enough damage, try setting local DAMAGE to an even higher number! Just remember that players only have 100 health points.

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