Creating More Traps

Creating More Traps

When you’re happy with the amount of damage the trap does, you can copy and then paste the trap and use it in other places. You can even create a variety of traps. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Number type variables like DAMAGE can be changed.
  • Scripts can be copied and pasted from part to part.
  • If you have a trap part you like, you can copy and paste that part the same way you copied the plank. The script will be copied with it.
  • Always test to make sure both the player and Blue can get across.
Side Quest – Create Healing Parts

Since you're creating traps for players, you might want to also give them a way to heal. That way players have more of a chance to finish your game. Luckily, you can use your skills to create healing parts.

  1. Copy (right-click → Copy) the script from the red trap cube.
  2. Find and select a different object in the game to be a healing part.
  3. Press F to focus on the part.
  4. Right-click the part and select Paste Into.
  5. See if you can figure out how to heal the player instead of doing damage.

Negative numbers do "negative damage" which means that players will gain health points. Just change the DAMAGE variable to something like -10 and players will be healed by touching the part!

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