Add the Rock to ServerStorage

Add the Rock to ServerStorage

Instead of putting the rock straight into the game, we’re going to place it into a special container called ServerStorage. This is like a magical box scripts can copy objects from. Best of all, the box never runs out! Scripts can make hundreds or even thousands of copies of things inside.

To add the rock to ServerStorage:

  1. Select the burning rock from in front of the warehouse.
  2. Right-click the rock and copy it.
  3. In the Explorer window, find and select ServerStorage.
  4. Right-click ServerStorage and click Paste Into.

Make Sure the Rock Will Fall

Remember how anchoring objects keeps them in place and stops them from falling? When you grab an object from the game world, it’s probably anchored — that means it will just float up in the sky and never fall!

To make sure the burning rock will fall:

  1. In the Explorer, under ServerStorage, select Burning Rock.
  2. On the Home tab, make sure Anchor isn't highlighted grey.

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