Add the Rock to List of Falling Things

Add the Rock to List of Falling Things

Now we’re going to add the whole burningRock table to another table named fallingStuffTable which holds a list of all the falling objects. When the game runs, the script will look for things inside fallingStuffTable and start creating them.

  1. Find the line table.insert(fallingStuffTable, cube).
  2. Change where it says cube on that line to burningRock.

    Now you should find the nearest adult and tell them you just added one table into another table and watch their mind be blown.

  3. Test the game and watch burning rocks fall from the cloud!

Here are a few things to check if your cloud isn't working:

  • Make sure you can see the falling object in ServerStorage.
  • In the script, make sure that you typed the object name to match its name in ServerStorage.
  • Check that the variable name is the same in both places of the object table. Also make sure there are no spaces in the names.

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