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Creator Challenge Help Center

Objects disappear or fall when they shouldn't

Select the object and click Anchor in the top bar of Studio (Home or Model tab). If Anchor is highlighted grey, the object will stay in place. If it's not grey, the object will fall.

Anchoring on
Anchoring off

Can't move an object through another object

Turn off collisions in the top bar of Studio (Home or Model tab). Collisions are off when there's not a grey box around the button in Studio.

Can't place an object exactly where you want?

In the Model tab, turn off snapping by un-checking the boxes next to Rotate and Move.

Can't see the Explorer

If the Explorer window isn't visible, select the View tab and click the Explorer button.

Lesson 2 Help

Traps don't do much damage

  • Be sure to look at your health bar. The starting red trap does very little damage. It's up to you to change that using coding.
  • Make sure DAMAGE is a number bigger than 5.

The TrapPartScript doesn't work in an object

  • Make sure you put it into the top of your object. In the picture below, TrapPartScript will work if pasted into DangerTrap, but not into 3D Model and Special Effects which is not the top-most part of the object.
  • Objects from the Toolbox may not work with the script. Try using an object from the warehouse instead.

Lesson 3 Help

Change terrain after making it

  • Be sure to rotate the camera around your terrain platform as you build it. That way you won't be surprised if it looks different than what you expected.
  • Use the Subtract tool to lower the height of the platform.
  • If Blue still can't make the jump, click the Undo button and create the platform again.

Trouble with falling objects in the cloud

  • Make sure there are no spaces in the name of the table.
  • Make sure you can see the falling object in ServerStorage.
  • In the script, make sure that you typed the object name to match its name in ServerStorage, for example:
  • Check that the variable name is the same in both places of the configuration table, for instance:

Falling objects fall slowly or not at all

You may have some performance issues in your script. This is caused when too many objects are being created at one time. Remember the following as you work:
  1. Make sure that NUMBER_PER_MINUTE in your falling object is less than 100.
  2. If you create many StormCloud objects, you may see a slow down in your game. Be sure to have at most 3 to 5 clouds in your game.

Falling objects are stuck in the cloud

You may have objects that look "stuck." In the image below, falling objects are created but never fall down.

To fix this issue, do the following:

  1. In the Explorer, under ServerStorage, select the falling object.
  2. On the Home tab, make sure Anchor isn't highlighted grey.

General Help

Trouble running Roblox Studio

If you have any of the issues below, go through the Troubleshooting Support page for Roblox Studio.
  • You can't log into Roblox Studio.
  • You try to edit a place only to have it load an empty skybox or something called Place1.
  • Sections of Studio are blank that should not be.
  • You are having difficulties publishing to Roblox.
  • Roblox Studio tells you to log in even though you've already logged in.

Can't log into your account

See these pages to help you out:

Trouble with graphics in Roblox Studio

Check the Graphics Problems page to fix issues with graphics. Problems with graphics might be things like:
  • Visuals in Roblox Studio don't look correct.
  • Roblox Studio crashes when starting.
  • Text doesn't look clear.