Project: Create and Destroy

Create and Destroy

Developed by Roblox
Learn design thinking and world building by creating a multiplayer map where players stomp cities for points.
10 and up Game Design World-Building Computer Science
English 1.5 hours
ISTE Standards: Innovative Designer 4a, 4c, 4d, Creative Communicator 6b, 6d

Learning Objectives:

  • Design a city using a combination of buildings, props, and terrain.
  • Practice coding by changing game variables in a script.
  • Test, evaluate, and redesign to create a bug-free and visually pleasing game.

Thumbnail of two players destroying city

Skills and Concepts:

  • World Builder - Role in game production; designs the environment and ensures players have a fun, fair experience.
  • Script - An object that holds code.

Getting Ready


  • Make sure each student has a Roblox account and knows their login information.
  • Print out handouts and prep presentation.


  • Windows or Mac Computer with Roblox Studio installed
  • 2 button mouse with scroll-wheel


Lesson Overview

5 min


Overview the project.

5 min

Guided Tutorial
Designing a Balanced Map

Introduce map design and setup a new project.

30 min

Guided Tutorial
Building the City

Build one half of the city and then duplicate to create a symmetrical design.

15 min

Guided Tutorial
Terrain Tools

Use terrain tools to sculpt an environment.

30 min

Independent Work
Polishing and Publishing

Add final touches, modify a script to change score, and publish the game online.

5 min

Wrap Up

Recap the lesson and concepts learned.

Lesson Plan

5 min
  1. Grab attention by showing the video in - Presentation: Creator Challenge - Slide 2.
    • Game has players competing by smashing buildings for the most points.
  2. Explain students will use Roblox Studio to design the look of their own city using premade buildings and props.
Guided Tutorial - Designing a Balanced Map
5 min
  1. Lead students through Lesson 1 - Designing a Balanced Map.
    • When publishing the game, save time by having students use placeholder titles and descriptions (My game, my description). Can always change later when finished.
Guided Tutorial - Building the City
30 min
  1. To minimize troubleshooting, have students check the following before building:
    • Collisions are off.
    • Snap to Grid is on and set to 4 studs.
    • Using the View Selector, camera is set to the Top View.
  2. Lead students through Lesson 2 - Building and Testing. Stop at Complete the City.
    • To ensure students finish, set strict limits on how many objects to place per section. For example: 3-5 large buildings, 8 medium buildings, 4 props.
    • Remind students to build on half of the map; will duplicate later to create a full map.
Guided Tutorial - Terrain Tools
15 min
  1. Lead students through Lesson 2 - Customize the Map Shape and Terrain Tools.
    • [Optional] Show students examples of island designs in the Creator Challenge Presentation (Slide 7) for inspiration.
Independent Work - Polishing and Publishing
30 min
  1. Lead students through Lesson 3 - Polishing and Publishing.
  2. Have students catch up on their projects. If finished, can always add more buildings, roads, and props to their city.
Wrap Up
5 min
  1. Recap what students have created and vocabulary: world builder and script.
  2. [Optional] To showcase work, have students trade seats with a partner and playtest their game.


Troubleshooting Tips

Facilitation Tips

  • If students are playtesting games together once publishing, set guidelines to ensure good sportsmanship. For example:
    • If you lose, don't make excuses. If you win, don't rub it in.
    • End with a handshake (or alternative action) and respect others.

Timing Notes

  • To ensure students finish their projects, set and enforce strict expectations on how many buildings or props they can place in a section. This helps students focus since they might get involved in building.
Customizing the Lesson

Simplify the Lesson

  • Reduce the amount of recommended buildings, roads, and props. For example, instead of placing five buildings, add at most three.
  • Adding Terrain can be an extension if students finish early.

Expand the Lesson

Theme the Lesson

  • This lesson can be easily customized for different social studies units. For example:
    • Create custom buildings inspired by the architecture of famous city.
    • Research the biome and climate of a city and replicate it in game.
Misc. Resource

Downloadable Resources
Print-Friendly PDF - Includes the entire Roblox Creator Challenge.

Powerpoint Presentation - Includes an informational overview video, reminders for timing, and inspirational images for buildings.

Course Description:
Discover how to build the ultimate competitive multiplayer game using Roblox’s free coding and design tools. In this unique course, students will be able to explore the basics of game design and 3D modeling, then share their completed game to play with friends online!

Created specifically for students new to game design, this curriculum is a great way for students to get started creating before moving onto more advanced projects and programming.

In this course, your student will:

  • Design the city and environment for a multiplayer game
  • Test, evaluate, and redesign to create a fun, polished game experience.
  • Take home a complete game that can be played and shared online.

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