Designing Your Speeder

Designing Your Speeder

Now that you’ve piloted a driftspeeder, it’s time to design your own. The speeder will be built in three steps:

1. Body
2. Wings
3. Decorations

Salvaging Parts

The scrapyard is divided into three sections, one for each step. By combining, rotating, and resizing these parts, you can create thousands of unique designs.

Starting Bodies
Wing Sets
Decorative Parts

Get Ready to Build

To move parts where you want them, first turn off collisions and move snapping. Turning off collisions allow objects to pass through one another. Having snapping off lets you freely move objects.

  1. In the Model tab, turn off Collisions. When it’s off, the button will no longer be highlighted in gray.
Collisions On
Collisions Off
  1. Close to where you find Collisions, make sure the Move snapping is turned off.

Change the Camera View

To work on the driftspeeder, use the camera controls below.

Camera Controls
Action Control
Move W A S D
Rotate Hold the right mouse button and look around
Zoom Use the scroll wheel
Focus Press F to focus the camera on a specific part

Move the camera so that you can better see the driftspeeder bodies and the work area at the same time.

If the camera doesn’t move when you press W A S D, click somewhere inside the game world.

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