Design the World

Design the World

Player in arctic clothing next to spaceship during snow

Change the season of Junker’s Canyon or make it look even more alien by painting new textures and colors onto the landscape.

Painting Textures

You can use the Terrain Paint tool to add snow, water, or even lava into your world.

  1. From the Home tab, open the Terrain Editor.
  1. The editor will open on the left. To paint:
  1. Click on the Edit Tab.
  2. Then, click on the Paint tool.
  1. Select a material, such as Snow. To paint, left click and drag on any terrain. Paint changes the look without changing the shape.
  1. Paint terrain until your game looks completely different from the original. Experiment with different materials, like grass or water, and brush sizes.

Changing Texture Colors

Being on an alien planet, not all grass has to be green. Try changing the color of the terrain you paint, turning snow purple or even black.

  1. In the Explorer, under Workspace, click on Terrain.
  1. In the Properties, click the > next to expand MaterialColors.
  1. Find a material you painted with, like Snow, and click the color box next to it.
  1. Use the color picker to change the terrain color.

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