Customize and Share

Customize and Share

Picture of 2 players with their speeders

This last lesson is all about putting the final touches on the driftspeeder, such as making it faster or quicker to turn. Once finished, take flight and share your work with friends.

Modifying the Engine

To change a driftspeeder’s speed or how quickly it can turn, you’ll open the Settings script. In Roblox, code is typed inside of scripts using the coding language Lua. Games often have separate scripts for each thing the game needs to do.

  1. Click on your speeder.
  2. In the Explorer, look for the Garage folder and your driftspeeder.
  3. Next to the driftspeeder’s name, click the arrow to expand it. Then, find Body and click the to see the attached script.
  1. Double-click the Settings script to open it.

The game world (A) and script (B) are in separate tabs. Switch back and forth as needed.

The Settings Script

In the script, you’ll see words like DefaultSpeed or BoostSpeed. These words are variables. Variables are placeholders for information that can be changed as needed.

Make your speeder the fastest on the track by increasing the default speed setting.

  1. Change the number in the line Settings.DefaultSpeed = 100 to any number between 50 (slower) and 300 (faster).
  1. Playtest and see how the change feels. Ask yourself if the speed fits the driftspeeder’s design and if you’d be excited using it in a race.
  1. Stop the playtest when finished. Remember, because you can’t use your mouse while flying, press E to exit the speeder so you can stop the playtest.
Making Multiple Speeders

If you make multiple speeders, make each one feel unique by giving them different strengths and weaknesses. One speeder might be slower normally, but have a faster boost. Another speeder might be very fast, but slow to turn.

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