Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Building the Game

Floating or Misaligned Parts

To fix, try the following:

  • In the Model tab, check that Snap to Grid for Move is enabled and set to 4 studs.
  • To get the most accurate snapping, it’s recommended to work from the top view and to always move objects using the arrows, not by dragging.
  • If an object won’t snap correctly, restart by deleting the building and then duplicating a new one from the palette.

Deleted Template Parts

If any parts from the template were accidentally deleted, you can recover them by duplicating a version from a new template and placing them into the correct folder of your game.

  1. Open a second Roblox Studio window and open the Create and Destroy template.
  2. In the new window, right-click the part you want to replace and select Copy. In the Explorer, find the location of that part. For example, the part TwistedTower is in the folder HighPoints.
  3. Go back to your original project and in the Explorer go to Workspace > Arena > Map. Right-click the correct folder and select Paste Into.
Finding the part in the new template
Pasting the part in the working version

Useful Hotkeys

Studio View Controls
Move W, A, S, and D
Rotate Hold the right mouse button and look around
Pan Hold the middle mouse button to move camera view
In-Game Controls
Move Player W A S D  or the arrow keys
Jump Spacebar
Look Around Hold and drag the right mouse button
Building Hotkeys
Undo Ctrl + Z or + Z
Duplicate Part Ctrl + D or + D
Focus on a Part F

Playing the Game

Buildings Not Destroying

To destroy a building, it must be in the correct folder in the Explorer. If a building isn’t being destroyed during a game, there are two ways to fix this.

The first method is to delete the non-working building and replace it with a working one from the palette.

The second method is to move the part into the correct folder:

  • Select the part. In the Properties , click on the button next to Parent. In the Explorer, open Arena > Map. All parts to be destroyed are organized in these folders. Left click on the folder based on how many points that original part will be worth. For example, this part is worth the highest amount of points and so it’ll be moved to the HighPoints folder.

Issues Running Roblox Studio

Below are resources if you’re having trouble logging in your account or running Roblox Studio.

Resource Issues
Password Related Help Can't login, forgot password, etc
General Roblox Studio Issues Publishing issues, Roblox Studio login issues, etc
General Connection Problems Loading screens take a while, can't load games, etc

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