Create a Game Icon

Create a Game Icon

Before sharing your game, add a custom image for the game icon and thumbnail. The game icon is the image that shows up on the Roblox Games page, and the thumbnail is the image that shows up on the game’s dedicated page. Changing these will help players get an idea of what the game is about.

Game Icons
Game Thumbnails

Uploading a Game Icon

For the game icon, take a screenshot of your world.

  1. Set up your camera in Studio exactly as you want the game icon to look.

If you’re done with the palette, delete it so that it doesn’t show up in pictures or in the game.

  1. Drag a selection box around the objects on the palette, then press Delete.
  2. In the Explorer (top right), click on the search box and type baseplate. Click PaletteBaseplate and press Delete.

  1. So the View Selector doesn’t appear in your screenshot, in the View tab, click the View Selector icon to turn it off.
  1. In the View tab, click Screen Shot. Nothing obvious will happen, but a screenshot will be saved to the Pictures > Roblox folder on your computer.
  1. In the Home tab, click Game Settings.
  1. In the popup window, scroll down and click the dotted square next to Game Icon.
  1. Select the game icon from the Pictures folder on your computer and then click Save. Because icons are reviewed by moderators, you’ll see a temporary placeholder in the Preview section for now.

You can find your screenshots folder by doing the following:

  1. In the View tab, make sure the Output Window is open. If not, click on Output.
  1. Take a screenshot as normal and get a message in the Output Window. To open the folder, click on the message.
  1. When the folder opens, remember this path to see where your screenshots are saved.

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