Build One Half of the Map

Build One Half of the Map

To build the first half of the map, you’ll need a lot more buildings than the number you see on the palette. Luckily, you can duplicate buildings to place as many as you would like, starting with the largest buildings.

Check Before Building

To make sure that buildings snap correctly and that your city looks organized, check the following before building.

  1. In the Home tab, make sure the Collisions are Off. The icon should not be highlighted.
  2. In Model, check that the Snap to Grid settings for Move are set to 4 studs.

Duplicate the First Building

  1. Select a large building from the palette and duplicate it (Ctrl + D or + D). Nothing obvious will happen. With collisions off, the new building will overlap the original.
Use Duplicate, not Copy and Paste

To avoid errors in your game, always duplicate buildings and props, not copy and paste. Duplicate puts the new object into the same folder, copy and paste moves the new object outside of the folder.

  1. Select the Move tool and use the arrows to drag the duplicate to the half of the map you’re working on. Use the white grid lines to help you position the buildings halfway between the two SpawnLocations and to make sure you’re keeping to one half of the map.

Check all the Angles

As you work, make sure that you’re not accidentally moving the buildings upwards off the ground. Take a moment to check the building you just placed by rotating the camera to get a better look from different angles. Start by checking the building from the side.

  1. Select the building, and press F to focus the camera on it.
  1. Use the small arrows on the View Selector to change to the side view.
  1. Use the camera controls to get a good view of the building.
Move W, A, S, and D.
Rotate Hold the right mouse button and look around.
Pan Hold the middle mouse button to drag your camera around

Try the following tips to troubleshoot.

  • In the Model tab, check that your Snap to Grid settings for Move is set to 4 studs. If not, your buildings may snap incorrectly.
  • To get the most accurate snapping, it’s recommended to work from the top view and to always move objects using the arrows, not by dragging.
  • If an object won’t snap correctly, restart by deleting the building and then duplicating a new one from the palette.

  1. Get back to the top view by using the arrows, or by clicking areas of the View Selector.

Place Additional Large Buildings

Duplicate and place 3 - 5 additional large buildings on the same half of the map. Remember that you will be duplicating this half to make the rest of the map.

Your map doesn’t have to look like the example, but each player should be able to reach the same amount of buildings. Here, every player has an equal chance of reaching three of the four buildings.

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