Building and Testing

Building and Testing

With the SpawnLocations done, move on to designing the rest of the city. You’ll use the premade models and tiles on the same palette where you found the SpawnLocations.

During a game, destroying buildings will give players different amounts of points. The largest buildings are worth 15 points. You’ll place just a few of these first, then the smaller buildings which are worth 10 points. Finally, you’ll add smaller props to make the city more visually interesting.

Large Buildings
Medium Buildings

Turn Off Collisions

To make it easier to move and rotate objects without them getting in the way, turn off collisions. Collisions is the setting that allows objects to pass through each other or not.

  • In the Home tab, turn Collisions off. If it’s off, it will no longer be highlighted in gray.
Collisions On
Collisions Off

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