Roblox Build It, Play It

Roblox Build It, Play It

Established developer? Just getting started? Create and code a victory animation to celebrate player achievements in this Build It, Play It Challenge! When finished, add this animation into any game, making your work more engaging and attractive to players. These types of animations are perfect for giving feedback when a player wins a match, reaches a checkpoint, or levels up.

New to Roblox Studio?
We recommend starting the Beginner Build It Play It Challenge.

Finished the Beginner Build It Play It Challenge?
This tutorial reviews some animation basics at a quicker pace. Also, instead of adding an animation by changing a number, this shows how to use scripts (commonly used in Roblox games). If you haven’t scripted before, it’s recommended to read Coding Fundamentals for an introduction.

Have Prior Experience?
If you’re comfortable with Studio and scripting, this series is a great way to learn how to add animation and feedback into games.

Becoming an Animator

To create the animation, you’ll go through these two step-by-step guides.

1. Create an Animation
2. Animations in Games

Once done, showcase your work by participating in a contest! We’ll be looking for the best victory animation. Participate and you might get some major bragging rights by getting your avatar and animation featured in a Roblox game. More details about the contest to come on July 16, 2020.

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