Playing Animations

Playing Animations

Use the animation ID you copied when exporting the animation. If you don’t have that ID on your clipboard, follow instructions on the card below.

If nothing was pasted, or another line of text was used, you’ll need to get the animation ID again.

  1. Open the Animations section of the Create page.
  2. Locate and click an exported animation.
  3. Copy its ID from the URL in your browser.

  1. In the script, PlayerAnimationFeedback, replace the placeholder, YOUR_ANIMATION (Line 6), with the ID you copied.
  1. Run the game and test that once a player hits the part, you see the animation.

Issue: Script doesn’t work or play
Make sure that the folders and parts are in the same locations in the tutorial. Because they script points to these exact locations, you may need to change them for your game.

Issue: Animation feels “jumpy” or “glitchy”
One cause may be how your animations transition between one another. Depending on your animations, you may want to change how animations blend. To do so, in the PlayerAnimationFeedback script, adjust the variable animationFade (Line 29). This is the amount of time (in seconds) that an animation takes to transition between. For more information, see AnimationTrack:Play().

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