Improve and Export

Improve and Export

With the keyframes created, take time to make the animation more satisfying by adding or fine-tuning frames.

Tips to Improve

Adding More Poses

Extra poses can add subtle details that make an animation go from “just okay” to “looking great.” Incorporate extra poses to exaggerate a motion, show anticipation, or communicate a character’s personality.

Moving Keyframes

Smooth out actions or make them feel more realistic by adjusting when keyframes happen.

  1. Click a keyframe. You can either select an entire pose or individual parts.
Selecting individual parts
Selecting an entire pose
  1. Drag the keyframe(s) left or right into a new position. For instance, notice in the video below how dragging the frame forward exaggerated the jump with a quick spring motion.

Export the Animation

Once finished, export the animation to play it in games. You’ll also get the Animation ID, a number used to tell your game what animation to play.

  1. Click the button in the upper-left section of the animation editor window.
  1. Select Export. Follow the dialog boxes and click Submit.
  1. Once the animation is exported, copy the ID by clicking the . You should see a green “ID Copied!” text.
  1. Press the Close button.

If you make any further changes to your animation, remember to Export it again to see the most up to date version.

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