Pose and Test

Pose and Test

For the last pose, copy the first pose and paste it at the end. Then, you can either leave the pose as is or tweak it to get a more interesting animation.


Add the Last Pose

  1. Select the top keyframe in the timeline for the first pose. Once you select all keyframes, copy them (Ctrl+C or +C).
  1. Move to the end of the animation (1:00 in the example) by clicking on the timeline or entering that value in the first box of the position indicator.
  1. Paste the keyframes (Ctrl+V or +V) . If desired, take some time to adjust the pose to add more detail in the animation.

Test the Animation

Seeing an animation play more than once can make it easier to spot changes you want to make. To make playback repeat, toggle the Looping button.

  1. Toggle Looping on.
  1. Press Play.
Then, check out your animation in action!

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