Create the First Pose

Create the First Pose

Start by creating the first pose of your animation. This tutorial shows a swimming animation, but yours can be whatever you envision. Depending on the animation you want to create, your first pose may be very different.


Pose the Figure

Posing figures is done by rotating individual parts and joints, like the head or elbow.

  1. To rotate, click on a body part. A set of handles will appear.

Issue: Can’t click on Rotation Handles
Another part may be blocking your click. Try rotating around your camera until you see a blue box whenever you hover over the part you want to click.

Issue: Can’t See Rotation Handles
If you see a set of arrows instead of the circles, you’ll need to turn the Rotate tool on by pressing R.

  1. Rotate by dragging the handles. Each handle rotates in a different direction. Undo any change with (Ctrl Z or Z).
  1. Continue to rotate different parts until the first pose is complete. While working, change the camera to see the pose from multiple angles.

If you want to rotate the whole body, click and rotate the LowerTorso part.

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