Sharing Animations

Sharing Animations

Share animations with friends and fellow developers by exporting and importing them through Studio.

Rules in Sharing Animations

When sharing animations, keep in mind that an Asset ID can only used between the group or individual that owns the animation.

Exporting Animations

Make sure to save your animation before exporting it.

  1. In Explorer, expand the rig that you were animating with. It’s likely that rig is named Dummy.
  1. Expand AnimSaves. Then, find the name of the animation to share.
  1. Right-click the animation name and select Save to File. This saves the animation as an .RBXM file on your computer, which can be shared. You can export more than one animation at a time.

Importing Animations

Animations saved in an .RBXM file can be imported into different rigs by yourself or by friends in any Roblox file.

  1. Select the rig you want to use. In the Explorer, select AnimSaves.
Check The Rig Has Previous Animations

If the rig doesn’t have any previous animations, it won’t have an AnimSaves folder. To make that folder, in the rig, create and save a new animation. Saving an animation automatically creates the needed folder.

  1. Right-click on AnimSaves and select Insert From File. Then, pick the .RBXM file with the exported animation.

  2. To load the animation, in the Animation Editor (see the Plugins tab), click on .

Next, in the drop-down menu, go to Load and select the name of the .RBXM file just imported.

In the original .RBXM file, make sure there is a saved KeyframeSequence object.

If only a Keyframe object was imported, try re-exporting the original animation and importing again. Make sure to export the named KeyframeSequence and not just a keyframe object.

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