Save by Publishing

Save by Publishing

Before moving to the next section, take a moment to save the project. It’s important to save the whole project by publishing it to Roblox. Publishing just saves your project to your Roblox account, it doesn’t make it public yet. It’s a good idea to publish every ten minutes while you’re working or after making a big change.

  1. Select File (top left of Studio) and click Publish to Roblox to open the publishing window.

Make sure you’ve stopped the playtest before moving on.

  1. Enter a name for your experience and an optional description.
  1. When you’re happy with the name and description of your project (you can always go back and change it), click the Create button. Once published, a project can be edited from any computer since all published projects connected to your account.
Saving After Publishing

Next time you want to save your work, just go to FilePublish to Roblox or use the hotkey (Alt+P).

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