Finish the Blast

Finish the Blast

Make final changes to the blast by editing the size and how it moves.

Change Size

  1. Find Size and click on its row. Type a number from 1 to 10 and then press Enter.
  1. Press Play to test the project. If needed, make changes to color and size to better fit your vision. When finished, finish testing by clicking the Stop button or pressing Shift + F5.

Change Move Style

A particle can either be a trail or a single blast by toggling the LockedToPart property. The video below shows what a trailing blast vs a single blast looks like. Choose which one you like better, and then continue.

Trailing Blasts

  1. Skip to the next section. To have a trailing blast, don’t do anything.

Single Blasts

  1. In the particle properties, scroll down to find LockToPart. Click the checkbox to turn it on.
  1. Play the project to check that it’s moving as a single part.

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