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Particle Contest

Creating something on Roblox can be fun, but what if your creations were seen by millions of people? That’s why, for the Build it Play It Challenge, we’re looking for the best particle effects that you can create! In the Mansion of Wonder, players have sparklers, tools with particles. Your challenge is to customize them!

Will players explore the haunted woods with a lantern of magical dust? Or brave the caverns with a staff of sparks?

If your particle has what it takes, you might just win a spot of honor in Mansion of Wonder experience. You made your first particle effect and millions will get to see it? Talk about some bragging rights.

How to Enter

  1. Learn how to create a particle effect by completing the Build It Play It Challenge. There are two skill levels.
  2. Beginner Experienced
    I haven't used Roblox Studio before. I have used Roblox Studio but haven't made animations.
  3. Create a particle effect for one of the tools used in this Asset Pack. Each tool includes one ParticleEmitter, but you're free to add more or customize the original to suit your vision.Customize it as needed so it looks like how you'd like it.
  4. Capture your particle effect with an image or video.
  5. Follow @RobloxEdu and reply to our tweet announcing the contest. Include the capture of your particle effect hashtag #BuildItPlayItContest. Be sure to submit before July 31, 2021 at 11:59 PM (PDT)!
  6. Check to see the winners on our Twitter. We'll be announcing them on August 10th, 2020.

Judgement Criteria

We're including four categories:

    • Community Favorite - The people have spoken!
    • Creative Interpretation - You can do this with particles? We're suprised!
    • Artistic Excellence - Custom-painted textures? Mesmerizing use of colors? Call us stunned!
    • Technical Expertise - You've pushed our particle system beyond its limit! How did you even do this? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my particle effect have to be included on a tool?

Yes; you can download the tools seperately in the Sparkler Starter Pack. The tools are intended as a fun limitation to inspire creativity. 

Does it actually "have" to be a sparkler?

Nope! As long as you use ParticleEmitters, be creative! Maybe it's a staff that creates rainclouds above a player? We're curious to see what you create.

Terms and Conditions

View the terms and conditions here.

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