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How We Built Beyond the Dark

Here at Roblox, we’re just as avid about using this amazing platform as you are, so a small group of us decided to put together a showcase we call Beyond the Dark that pushes the limits of what you can do on Roblox. In the process, we tested new features and identified stumbling blocks that we’ll also address in the future.

Beyond the Dark

Explore the Kerr-Newman DSR-14 space station in this official demo, non-copylocked and editable in Studio.

This document goes over how we put the most important parts of the Kerr-Newman DSR-14 space station together, giving you best practices along the way as well as describing the systems we used to create the sights and sounds of the station:

  • Building Architecture explains how to build content in a modular way. This allows you to go from early layouts to a polished experience in the fastest way possible.
  • Custom Characters explains how we built the creepy creatures in the station and best practices for building your skinned custom avatars to import into Studio. It also covers some tips for adding visual effects, sound effects, and lights to the character.
  • Layered Clothing shows how we used this new system to leverage the new cage deformer feature to fit suits to these characters.
  • Sound Design, a major component of immersion, shows you how to set up Roblox’s SoundService and place sounds for maximum effect.
  • User Interface describes how to add a literal layer to the experience and digs into how we built the parallax effect on the map as well as the local holo-screens.

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