Pickup System

Pickup System

The Roblox Battle Royale pickup system lets players pick up different kinds of objects, although it’s currently only used for weapon pickups. In game, weapons are spawned around the game map and — when players get close enough — an on-screen key/action/button prompt appears along with the weapon name and description.


There are several important folders related to the pickup system. Make sure that these folders are set up correctly in your project:

  1. Workspace/PickupSpawners — Contains pickup spawner Part|Parts which tell the system where to place visual pickup Model|Models (see the next point). Note that these spawners are not required to be in this folder since the system looks for parts tagged with the PickupSpawner tag instead of the folder path.
  1. ReplicatedStorage/Assets/Weapons — Contains the weapons (functional Tool|Tools) that the pickup system grants when a weapon pickup is activated.
  1. ReplicatedStorage/Assets/Pickups — Contains the pickup Model|Models that the system will place at pickup spawners in the game world. These should be visual models only, not functional weapon Tool|Tools.

Adding New Pickups

As noted in B and C above, pickups require both a functional Tool and a visual Model that will be spawned in the game world.


  1. Create a Tool and give it a unique name. You can create new weapons based upon those in the articles/weapons kit|Weapons Kit, take tools from the Toolbox, or design your own (see articles/intro to player tools|Intro to Player Tools).
  2. Place the Tool in ReplicatedStorage/Assets/Weapons.


  1. Create a Model for the visual pickup and give it the same name as you gave the Tool.
  2. Make sure the model has the following tags:
    • Action
    • Pickup
    • WeaponPickup
    • WeaponSystemIgnore
    • One of the rarity tags as outlined in the next section.
    One way to assign tag(s) is by calling CollectionService/AddTag|CollectionService:AddTag() from the Command Bar in Studio, where model is the top-level Model and tag is the desired tag.
  1. Place the model in ReplicatedStorage/Assets/Pickups.


Pickup rarity is not defined by any mathematical formula, but you can associate an on-screen GUI like those pictured below to suggest an item’s rarity.

  1. Open the ReplicatedFirst/Configurations/RarityConfiguration script. This script contains tables for each rarity category, each of which includes a color value (Color) for the pickup's particle effect and an asset ID (Image) for the on-screen GUI background. For each GUI:
    • The item name will appear as the model/weapon name.
    • The description will appear as the rarity name (such as Epic) plus Item.
    The default rarities are as follows, but feel free to define your own.
Rarity GUI
  1. For the pickup Model you created above (located in ReplicatedStorage/Assets/Pickups), assign one of the tags you’ve defined in the RarityConfiguration script, for example:

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