Core Scripts

Core Scripts

Game Loop

The core game loop in Roblox Battle Royale is generally handled via two scripts, specifically ServerScriptService/Server on the server and StarterPlayer/StarterPlayerScripts/Client on the client.

Initial Setup

The ReplicatedFirst/InitialSetup script configures a few engine-level systems — built-in UI, chat, etc. — and ensures that the client loads the assets referenced in ReplicatedFirst/Configurations/AssetPreloads before proceeding.

Game Stages

The initialization and updating of specific systems is done differently depending on the current stage of the game. Most of these cases are handled by ServerScriptService/Core/GameStageHandler on the server and ReplicatedStorage/Core/StageManager on the client. When a stage is requested, a module of the same name is required and various setup functions called on it. If there is already a module handling the current stage, shutdown functions are called on it prior to the new stage handler being initialized.

Place/Server Roles

Within ReplicatedFirst/Configurations/MainConfiguration, different gameplay modes are organized into lists of stages to be executed.

There are 3 different roles that a place can have:

  • Lobby — Initial place where options like game mode are selected.
  • Queue — Where a cohort of players gather for a particular game mode, building and fighting while waiting for the configured number of minimum players. Once the minimum numbers of players have arrived, a countdown will start, currently configured for 3:00 minutes, at the end of which gameplay will be initiated.
  • Gameplay — The place where skydiving takes place and the game is played until completion.

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