Roblox Platform High-Level Roadmap

Roblox Platform High-Level Roadmap

Welcome to the high-level roadmap for the Roblox platform. Here you can get insight into our plans for the next few months and get an idea of when you can expect new features on the Roblox platform. This is a living document and we will be updating it approximately quarterly.

Please note that our goal is to provide you with the best updates possible. Sometimes, bugs or technical complications may cause us to move the release dates to ensure that we're shipping reliable features.
2020 Roadmap
Targeted for 1st Quarter 2020 (January-March) Status

Quick Open

Quickly find and navigate to any instance in the Explorer.

Plugin HTTP Permissions

Control which domains plugins can make HTTP requests to.

Collaborative Editing

Work on the same script simultaneously with others, review conflicts, and merge. Commit multiple scripts at the same time.

Packages – Sharing & Collaboration

Share packages with users and add collaborators, plus package version history and auto-updating.

Game Access Permissions

Granular control over who can access a game.

Premium Payouts

Earn recurring revenue for playtime and engaging content.
Targeted for 2nd Quarter 2020 (April-June) Status

Enhanced Audio Search in Marketplace

Find audio in the marketplace by specified time length.

Atmospheric Fog

Creatively blends objects into the background instead of using a solid color.

Pre-Streaming API

API used to "hint" where the client will go to next.

Lua Draggers

Draggers that work significantly better — from scaling handles to smoother freeform dragging — implemented in a framework that developers can customize and extend.

Asset Manager – Universe Level

Replaces the Game Explorer with a new widget that provides a refreshed design, deterministic sorting, and local filtering for assets.
Open Beta

Debugger for Plugins

Studio debugger works for plugin development.
Open Beta

Expressive Output Window

Output gets an upgrade — expressive UI, filter/search, and copy/paste becomes easier.
Open Beta
Targeted for 3rd Quarter 2020 (July-September) Status

Place Version History in Studio

See detailed version history for places. Manage your place (publish, revert) right from Studio.

Automatic Translation for Games

Top games are automatically translated to all supported languages, including gameplay and game listing.
On Track

Custom Materials

Adds SurfaceAppearance object that enables PBR textures for mesh parts.
Open Beta

Large Object Stores

Store in-game player creations and other large objects with ease.
Closed Beta

Improved Terrain Level-of-Detail & Blending

Smoother level-of-detail progression and improved material layer blending for terrain.
On Track


Ability to extend built-in materials with custom textures.
On Track

Dynamic Texture Resolution

Dynamic texture resolution based on device memory usage.
On Track

Model Level-of-Detail

Make simplified, automatic geometry for models based on device memory usage.
On Track

Wireframe Mode

Toggle a standard wireframe mode on/off inside of Studio.
On Track

Typed Lua

Type checking and annotations for Lua in Studio.
Open Beta

Layered 3D Clothing

First launch of 3D clothing that can be layered on body or other 3D clothing items.
On Track

Skinned Meshes & Bone Instances

Enables mesh deformation through skinned meshes and bone instances.
On Track

MeshParts for Heads and Accessories

Migrate (and provide backwards compatibility) for Heads and Accessories to use MeshParts instead of SpecialMeshes.
On Track

Shared Memory

Store temporary data with high read/write speeds for items such as matchmaking.
On Track

Align Tool

Easily align parts and objects to a specific axis and to each other.
Internal Beta

Script Version History

See detailed version history for scripts. Diff against older versions and roll back individual scripts or batches of scripts, if necessary.
Internal Beta

Audio Importing in Studio

Ability to bulk import audio in Studio to improve overall efficiency.
On Track

Plugin Script Permissions

Control which plugins can access and edit the game data model in order to prevent malicious script injections.
On Track

Studio Asset Organization

Provides an efficient way to organize assets at scale within the Asset Manager.

Creator Dashboard

Access DevEx, Developer Stats, and additional critical workflow functionality within a new portal.
On Track

Custom Pivots

Adjust the pivot point of models and parts for easier modeling.
On Track

Terrain Material Search & Replace

Quickly replace one terrain material with another.
On Track
Targeted for 4th Quarter 2020 (October-December)

Full Script Editor Upgrade

Transition to new script editor based on Language Server Protocol — faster, better syntax highlighting, better auto-complete, native Luau support.

Procedural Skies

Performant procedural clouds.

Future is Bright v3

Extends PBR calculations to other light objects.

Enhanced Terrain Vegetation

Enables Custom Materials for terrain vegetation.

Mesh Level-of-Detail for Avatars

Mesh level-of-detail that respects UV boundaries and skinning information.

Facial Animation v1

First version of the facial animation system.

Faster Streaming

Various streaming improvements to enable 200 player experiences.

Faster CSG

Improves the performance of CSG by not redoing the entire tree during operations.

Game Content Ratings

Take a questionnaire that generates a rating for your game.

Improved Audio Tooling v1

Real-time parameter curves and complex sound events.

Script Review Workflow

Review your scripts with your team members before committing.

Asset Iteration

Iterate on assets such as meshes, no longer requiring re-uploading for changes.

Cloud Scripts

Write and deploy code outside the context of any game server.

Creator Talent Hub

Showcase your creations and find other creators to form teams and collaborate on bigger and better games.


Reliable in-game player-to-player trading and transactions.

Backup and Restore

Backup data stored across all data stores with the ability to restore on demand.

Parallel Lua

Enables Lua scripts to run on separate hardware threads.

Developer Analytics

Insight into user behavior and game performance through analytics.

Developer Hub – Additional Locales

Access the DevHub with the addition of more locales.

Terrain Heightmap Workflow

Provide high-res and immediate terrain generation from height and colormaps.

Dragger Precision Improvements

Improvements to new draggers to enable more precise modeling, faster.

Screenshots & Video Trailers for Marketplace Assets

Supply additional images and videos for plugins and models in the marketplace.

Targeted for 1st Quarter 2019 (January-March) Status

Import Meshes as Multiple Objects

Import split meshes as set up in the FBX or OBJ file.

Cross-Server Messaging

Game servers can communicate with each other to allow for real-time leaderboards, global trading, cross-server chat, etc.

Modeling Improvements – View Selector & Camera Panning

Use the middle mouse button to pan the camera and the new View Selector to move around in 3D space.

Granular Memory Analyzer

Fine-grained view of how assets use memory in games.

Toolbox Improvements

Split inventory and marketplace, detailed asset previews, and improved toolbox search.
Targeted for 2nd Quarter 2019 (April-June) Status

Saving Games to Cloud

Games can be developed in the cloud and automatically synced across devices.

Level-of-Detail for Meshes

Automatic level-of-detail adjustment for meshes based on device performance.

Packages – Update Controls

Support for changing package copy versions, undoing local changes, and mass updating across places.

Future is Bright – Sun Shadows

Developers can enable and use sun shadows for any object in a scene.

Streaming – Stability Improvements

Reliably streams everything within the "StreamingMinRadius" to the Client.

Localization – Auto-Capture Date & Time Detection

Auto-detection of complex date and time formats.

Localization – Cloud Table Support

Cloud table support for popular languages beyond Roblox platform languages.

Beta Features

Ability to opt-in to new Studio features before they are released to everyone.

Improved Character Importer

Studio plugin that will import entire R15 characters (meshes, joints, and attachments), including support for non-classic joint positions.
Targeted for 3rd Quarter 2019 (July-September) Status

Advanced Terrain Tools

Improved tools for bulk terrain editing, plus the ability to import heightmaps and colormaps.

Animation Editor Upgrade

Frame-based animation, performance improvements, universal IK, and a UI overhaul to increase the capability of the built-in Animation Editor.

Terrain Vegetation

Grass becomes procedurally generated on grass terrain surfaces.

Script Collaboration

Enable developers to collaborate efficiently at scale when scripting together.

Faster Lua

New and significantly faster Lua interpreter.

Developer Analytics

Custom metrics and events for top developers.
Targeted for 4th Quarter 2019 (October-December) Status

64-bit Servers for Large Worlds

Ability to create large worlds that span tens of thousands of studs at high performance.

Localization – Auto-Capture Improvements

Improvements aimed at mitigating exploit text capture.

Typed Lua

Type-checking and annotations for Lua in Studio.

Custom Materials

Custom materials with custom specular reflectance properties and normal-map textures.

Streaming – On By Default

Streaming will be on by default for all newly created games.

Fast Game Testing for Large Worlds

Enable highly performant game testing for large worlds.

Level-of-Detail for Models

Automatic level-of-detail adjustment for models based on device performance.

Ephemeral DataStores

Store temporary data with high read/write speeds for things like matchmaking.

Phased Game Updates

Provide developers with a way to roll out new versions of their game at scale.

Universe Script & Game Services

New type of scripts that can run at a universe level to allow for matchmaking, leaderboards, etc.

Targeted for 2nd Quarter 2018 (April-June) Status

Dark Theme for Studio

Allow developers to choose between dark and light themes while working with Studio. Plugins also have access to this information.
Targeted for 3rd Quarter 2018 (July-September) Status

Social Media Links

Developers can specify up to 3 different social community links on the game page including Discord, Twitter etc. for 13+ users.

Realtime CSG

CSG operations can be performed in real time.

Notifications to Players

Developers can send update notifications for their games in the notification stream to players who followed their game.

Animation Editor IK Support

Physics inverse kinematics dragger support in Animation Editor.

Automatic Image Transcoding

Images in-game are automatically compressed based on device performance.

100 Player Games

Game servers can support up to 100 players in a performant manner.
Targeted for 4th Quarter 2018 (October-December) Status

Avatar Morpher

More customization and control over how avatars are represented for developers such as scale, height, width, and other template options.

Packages – Initial Release

Scripts and other assets can be packaged and shared between multiple places/games.

New Lighting System

Future is bright for everyone!

Level-of-Detail for CSG

Automatic level-of-detail adjustment for CSGs based on device performance.