In-Game CSG System

In-Game CSG System

Author: YoSoyTofu
Destructible environments in Roblox games are about to get more realistic and more immersive!

Destructible environments have added a new dimension of interactivity in video games for almost as long as they’ve been around. Not only does it feel great demolishing parts in a digital world, but seeing them react authentically according to the laws of physics can also be highly gratifying. From back in the days of the arcade to today’s high-end console and PC games, developers have capitalized on advancing technologies to bring their creations to life in more fun, realistic, and immersive ways.

Here at Roblox, we too have a long history in allowing developers and creators to harness the power of our game engine to build massively scalable, physically-simulated worlds. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve taken things another step further by introducing a new system that lets developers further enhance gameplay and immersion. Inspired by our solid modeling feature in Studio, we’re proud to present our new in-game CSG system!

A New Way to Experience Roblox Games

Previously, solid modeling was limited to Studio use only. It allowed developers to take different parts and combine them to build complex models or remove shapes from existing parts to sculpt otherwise impossible objects. This was a great way to create all sorts of mind-blowing structures or finely-crafted environments with as few parts as possible. With today’s update, we’ve now extended this feature so that any developer or creator can implement the same functionality in their games.

Imagine a sword-based fighting game where you chop away at a tree and have it reflect the actual direction of your swing, or a tank game where your shells can reduce entire structures to rubble as in the following demo video.

Try it Out!

Our developer community is hard at work experimenting with ways to use this exciting new feature, but you don’t have to wait to try it out. Check out our non-copy-locked place where you can blast pieces out of rotating materials or fuse new materials onto them. It also includes a helper module script that rebuilds mechanisms with constraints and attachments.

To learn more about solid modeling APIs, click here.

Let us know what you think about our new in-game CSG system on Twitter @robloxdevrel, and for all the latest news and updates on Roblox, stay tuned to the blog.