Tool Recipe – Explosion Maker

Tool Recipe – Explosion Maker

Mar 30 2021, 5:20 AM PST


You want a player tool to spawn explosions when the tool is equipped and the player clicks in the game world.


This recipe must be integrated inside a Tool.

  1. Create a Tool and make sure it contains a part named Handle.
  2. Insert a LocalScript into the tool and paste this code into it:
-- Paste in a LocalScript (not a Script)
local tool = script.Parent

local remoteEvent = tool:WaitForChild("RemoteMouseEvent")
local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local mouse = player:GetMouse()

local function onActivate()

  1. Insert a Script into the tool and paste this code into it:
-- Paste in a Script (not a LocalScript)
local tool = script.Parent

-- Create new remote event and parent it to the tool
local remoteEvent = Instance.new("RemoteEvent")
remoteEvent.Parent = tool
-- Rename it so that the local script can look for it
remoteEvent.Name = "RemoteMouseEvent"
-- Create a reference for the remote event connection
local remoteEventConnection

-- Function which listens for a remote event
local function onRemoteMouseEvent(player, clickLocation)
	local explosion = Instance.new("Explosion")
	explosion.DestroyJointRadiusPercent = 0  -- Make the explosion non-deadly 
	explosion.Position = clickLocation.p
	explosion.Parent = workspace

local function onEquip()
	-- When tool is equipped, connect the listener function to the remote event
	remoteEventConnection = remoteEvent.OnServerEvent:Connect(onRemoteMouseEvent)

local function onUnequip()
	-- When tool is unequipped, disconnect the remote event connection
  1. Place the tool inside the StarterPack folder.
  2. Run your game, activate the tool, and click around the game world.


The LocalScript basically detects when the player clicks or touches the screen. It then sends a remote event to the server when the tool is activated.

The Script connects or disconnects a remote event when the tool is equipped or unequipped. When the event fires (on mouse click), it creates a new explosion instance at the click location.

This script also makes the explosion non-deadly, but you’re free to change the value to make harmful explosions.