Removing One Limb From Players

Removing One Limb From Players

Mar 30 2021, 5:23 AM PST


You want to remove a limb from a character.


Use the Destroy method on the specified limb.

Workspace.Player["Right Arm"]:Destroy()


The Player is indexed again, however this time instead of indexing the Humanoid within the character, we index Right Arm. This is the part that is your right arm. Then we call the Destroy method (a method is a function that is specific to an object). This in turn will remove the Right Arm of player.

Just like setting the Parent property to Workspace, you can do the reverse and set it to nil (an empty value). This will remove it from the display and cause the same effect as the Destroy method.

Workspace.Player["Right Arm"].Parent = nil

That code snippet is equivalent to the original solution.

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